Follow Buttons

Grow your following across all of your social media channels with AddThis Follow Buttons.

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Increase Audience Engagement

Connect with your new and seasoned fans across the world.

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Boost Brand Awareness

Reach a wider audience. Grow your brand’s reach on a global scale.

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Strengthen Your Online Community

Build your follower base on all of your social media channels.

Inline Follow Buttons

Grow your lifetime fans and get your visitors to follow you on social media using Inline Follow Buttons! This tool seamlessly fits within the text of your page on desktop and mobile.

Follow Buttons Features

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Free & Customizable

All of our tools have been free since 2018. And you have the ability to:

  • Choose custom colors
  • Change the size and shape of the buttons
  • Customize to match your branding
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Easy to Install

You don’t need to be a developer to use AddThis tools. Just place our JavaScript code in the body of any pages where you’d like the tool to appear – that’s it!

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Track Analytics

Once the Follow Buttons are set up, you can track how many site visitors shared your pages on your AddThis dashboard. And receive a weekly digest with stats on how your content performed!

Easy and Free to Install

It only takes a few minutes to install our tools. The best part? They’re free. No paid plans, no contracts, no hidden fees—ever.

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