Related Posts

Increase on-site engagement and give visitors personalized content suggestions with AddThis Related Posts.

reduce bounce rate
Reduce Bounce Rate

Keep your visitors on your site longer with personalized content recommendations.

boost audience engagement
Boost Audience Engagement

Encourage visitors to interact with more of your website content.

promoting new content
Promoting New Content

Seamlessly feature new content and relevant to your visitors’ interests.

Related Posts Inline

The Related Posts Inline recommends relevant content to your readers within the body of the content they’re viewing! You have complete control over where it sits on the page for an integrated native experience. This tool identifies which content on your site would be most relevant to your visitors—that way you can offer personalized recommendations to your visitors!

Related Posts Slider

Increase your on-site click-through-rate by up to 50% with the Related Post Slider! Just like it sounds, this tool "slides" in and recommends relevant content as visitors scroll through the page. Choose specific content from your site you’d like to showcase and customize long it should take the slider to appear.

Related Posts Features

laptop customizable tools

Free & Customizable

All of our tools have been free since 2018. And you have the ability to:

  • Choose custom colors
  • Change the size and shape of the buttons
  • Customize to match your branding
smart sorting laptop and icons

Track Analytics

Once the Related Posts tool is set up, you can track how many site visitors shared your pages on your AddThis dashboard. And receive a weekly digest with stats on how your content performed!

smart sorting laptop and icons

Easy to Install & Use

You don’t need to be a developer to use AddThis tools. Just place our JavaScript code in the body of any pages where you’d like the tool to appear – that’s it!

Easy and Free to Install

It only takes a few minutes to install our tools. The best part? They’re free. No paid plans, no contracts, no hidden fees—ever.

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