Share Buttons

Drive traffic to your website with AddThis Share Buttons.

increase traffic
Increasing Website Traffic

Drive new and returning visitors to your website

generate brand awareness
Generating Brand Awareness

Reach a wider audience. Grow your brand's reach on a global scale.

show social proof
Social Proof

Display share counts to showcase your most popular content.

Floating Share Bar

The Floating Share Bar will lock to the side of your page on a desktop and stick to the bottom of your screen on mobile. This tool empowers visitors to easily share content as they scroll without getting in the way of your content.

Inline Share Buttons

Inline Share Buttons seamlessly embed within your content and makes sharing a natural part of your web experience. You have control over exactly where it sits on your page. Ecommerce businesses and publishers have used Inline Share Buttons on their product pages and recipe pages.

Expanding Share Buttons

Expanding Share Buttons sit at the bottom corner of your page and—you guessed it—expand upon hover. They provide a subtle way to encourage your users to share your content to 200+ global sharing services, like Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and more.

Image Sharing

Give your visitors the option to share specific images directly from your site! When visitors hover over an image, the Image Sharing tool will appear. It’s enabled by default on images that are at least 200×200 pixels, but you can set which images you don’t want to be shareable.

Share Button Slider

Increase visibility and drive more traffic from more than 220 social services using the Share Buttons Slider. This tool slides in with a module containing share buttons that allow visitors to share content from your site to their social media channels.

Share Buttons Features

Easy and Free to Install

It only takes a few minutes to install our tools. The best part? They’re free. No paid plans, no contracts, no hidden fees—ever.

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